Mobile Truck AC Repair

Upkeep of the air conditioner

Your air conditioner requires routine maintenance just like your truck does. You are asking for trouble and much more expense if you let one go too long without service.

Maintaining your truck's AC repair and maintenance over time is crucial if you want to keep the cooling system and engine functioning properly. We strongly advise having the air conditioning in your truck inspected at least once per year, preferably before the hottest summer days in order to ensure that everything is in excellent working order and that you and your engine won't be left stranded in the event of a severe heat wave. A radiator flush should be obtained approximately every two years to remove any buildup that may happen.

If your truck air conditioning system is needing some service and you’re trying to find a “truck AC repair near me”, you are just on the right page. With Precision Fleet Maintenance, we have a team of professional technicians which are very capable and are trustworthy.

We can give your air conditioner some extra TLC or attention it requires, whether that be a simple tune-up, refrigerant charging, repairing or replacing broken parts.

We are committed to keep you cool with professional work at fair prices, no matter what problems, brand or model your air conditioner have. We at Precision Fleet Maintenance will be happy to provide you with our services.

Mobile Truck AC Repair

If ever you encounter these kinds of problems with your truck, we at Precision Fleet Maintenance are happy to provide you with our services 24/7, Give us a call at (845) 519-8488 or fill out the the Emergency Request Form.