Air Brake Systems

An air brake system, or commonly known as compressed-air brake system, is a kind of friction brake for vehicles that uses compressed air pressing on a piston to apply the compressive force to the brake pad to halt the vehicle.

One of the most crucial parts of heavy commercial vehicles when drivers are hauling tens of thousands of pounds of weight is the brakes. Big diesel trucks, buses, and tractor trailers all use air brakes as their primary braking mechanism, making it one of the most important components of commercial motor vehicles to keep our roads and drivers safe. A well-maintained air brake system contributes to the utmost safety of drivers of big trucks and trailers. Hence it is highly recommended to seek regular assistance from qualified technicians who can keep your vehicle's air brake system to perform at its best.

If you require assistance with your airbrake systems for trucks or trailers, fret not because the technicians at Precision Fleet Maintenance are ASE Certified and ready to offer you top-notch service.

For all heavy-duty truck brands and models, including International, Volvo, Mack, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Ford, Sterling, Hino Detroit Diesel, Cummings & Caterpillar, we offer 24-hour road service tractor trailer repairs.

Air Brake Systems

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