Brake Adjustments

Brake adjustments - It's extremely important!

The foundation brakes are the most crucial component of any braking system. Even the best air brake system in the world won't be able to stop the truck safely if these are not adjusted and are not in good working order.

One of the most frequent causes of commercial vehicles being pulled off the road is poor brake performance, which also represents a significant portion of service appointments for the typical daily driver.

Sadly, brake adjustment is frequently overlooked. Ignoring brake maintenance and adjustments puts everyone on the road, including the driver in unsafe situations. And in actuality, brake failures and runaways that result in collisions are almost never brought on by a malfunction of the air system but rather by a lack of routine brake maintenance or by the driver failing to check the brakes every day

How often should I check my vehicle’s brake adjustment?

Both manual and automatic slack adjusters must be inspected daily during the pre-trip inspection in accordance with federal and provincial laws. You, the experienced driver, are responsible for making sure your vehicle has secure, properly adjusted brakes. If the brakes on the vehicle you're driving are found to be out of adjustment, you, the driver, could receive a fine.

A maintenance team or the driver may be tasked with performing preventive maintenance. Before the vehicle moves, the driver must check to make sure the braking system is functioning safely.

The purpose of preventive maintenance inspections is to stop mechanical failures that might happen as a result of carelessness. These inspections reduce repair costs by finding small mechanical flaws before they become major breakdowns.

 There are service providers available to assist you with your brake adjustment if you are unable to regularly measure the pushrod travel in the air brake chamber
Brake Adjustments

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