Annual Federal Inspection

An annual federal inspection is a checkup performed on a commercial vehicle once a year to make sure it is secure and complies with FMCSA requirements. A qualified mechanic will examine all of your vehicle's significant interior and exterior components during this thorough inspection.

Any trucking company's vehicle maintenance program must include annual DOT inspections in order to maintain compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. However, quite a few trucks receive citations for operating without documentation of a periodic inspection each year.

A DOT inspection is necessary each year for a number of vehicles, including:

  • Vehicles used for business that weigh more than 10,000 pounds
  • Vehicles with a maximum passenger capacity of 16 (including the driver)
  • Vehicles used to transport dangerous goods
  • Commuter buses
  • The school bus

These vehicles must be safe to operate on public roads, which is why the DOT inspects them. The inspection procedure entails a close inspection of the vehicle and might involve performing checks on the brakes, tires, and other crucial parts.

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Annual Federal Inspection

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