Locked Up Brakes

Locked Up Brakes

When your brakes lock up and the truck won’t move, what does that mean?

Contrary to commonly held belief, a vehicle’s brakes may not always be locked up to the point of causing full-wheel lock-up when there is brake lock-up. Brake lock-up, by definition, is any circumstance in which a vehicle’s brakes do not return to their “rest” position after pedal application. Even though brake lock-up isn’t as common today as it was before the advent of modern ABS brakes, it still happens occasionally. The majority of these problems are brought on by brake system components that are severely worn out or otherwise damaged.

A severely worn out and not well maintained brake system may result in dangerous situations such as brakes suddenly locking up while driving. In the worst-case scenario, a wreck might happen as a result.

Determining the source of any brake issues is crucial. The truck could swerve sharply to the left or right and the back end could fishtail, which would put the driver out of control. If this occurs while you are driving, keep pumping the brakes until you come to a complete stop, and then as soon as you can, take the truck to a mechanic or call for a technician that can provide roadside service.

Precision Fleet Maintenance is ready to offer you top-notch service if your brakes lock up while you’re parked or even while  your on the road. You can call us  any time, we are committed to serve you 24 hours.


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