semi truck roadside assistance White Plains

semi truck roadside assistance White Plains

Count on Precision Fleet Maintenance for affordable and convenient semi truck roadside assistance in White Plains. We’ve put together a program that ensures your drivers aren’t sitting on the side of the road waiting for help that’s not going to come. Our big rig repair technicians arrive promptly in an equipped mobile trailer with testing equipment and the right tools to make on-the-spot repairs and get your drivers back out on the road. You’ll have peace of mind, as well, knowing that your trucks are in-route to their destinations.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Semi Roadside Assistance Program

1. Even with fleet maintenance management services that inspect tires before trucks head out on the road, there will be times when your drivers experience a flat due to road conditions. Fleet maintenance for company vehicles can only do so much to prevent a flat tire; with semi truck roadside assistance in White Plains, our technicians can fix semi flats in a heartbeat if your drivers have a blow out.

Flat tires don’t have to result in long delays for your company; just one call to our techs and we’ll have someone on-site quickly to change out the tire.

2. Something as seemingly simple as an air leak can be a serious issue to your drivers. When an air leak workens to the point that your driver can’t continue on their journey, you’ll need someone to make repairs. Count on our team to get there in a timely manner and eliminate all issues.

3. An overheating problem cannot be resolved effectively by stopping frequently when you have a load to deliver or your driver needs to get back home to family. A leaking radiator or faulty cap can result in a breakdown that calls for an experienced semi truck mechanic. When you need someone with the right skills and tools, you’ll find Precision Fleet Maintenance services are the best choice.

4. Your fleet preventative maintenance program can help you avoid many different types of breakdowns over time, but one thing you may not be able to prevent is an inspection failure due to trucks being overweight. When drivers are shut down, they’ll need roadside assistance to make changes that allow them to continue on their journey.

5. Engine related issues can become a headache, especially when your drivers have no way to troubleshoot the problem to see how to make repairs. Frequent problems include fuel and exhaust filters that become clogged and lead to poor engine performance and breakdowns.

The best course of action for your company is to have in place fleet repair and maintenance services as well as roadside assistance. We can offer you both at an affordable price when you choose our plans. Read more about our services and how we can help your drivers spend more time on the road and less time waiting for help. Reach our staff at Precision Fleet Maintenance at 845-519-8488 or send us a message with your questions. You’ll find a complete list of services we provide on our site.

semi truck roadside assistance White Plains
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semi truck roadside assistance White Plains
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