Replacement windows Olathe Kansas

Replacing windows for your Olathe, Kansas, home does not only improve the appearance but also increases its resale value. Therefore, replacement windows in Olathe, Kansas, have a great return on your investment. Cornerstone Home Improvements specializes in the supply and installation of replacement windows in Olathe, Kansas, and the surrounding metropolitan area. 

How can I Choose the Right Replacement Windows for my Olathe Home?

Replacing windows can be quite costly, which is why it is important to be informed so that you can make the best choice. At Cornerstone Home Improvements, we do not work for any window brand. Therefore, our recommendations are unbiased and based on expert opinion.

Consider using replacement units if your existing frames and sills are still in excellent condition. Replacement units or pocket replacements can fit into your existing frames and save you the cost of replacing your windows altogether. However, if your frames and sills are old and dysfunctional, the best option will be full window replacement.

What is the Benefit of Professional Window Installation?

Even windows with the best ratings will not deliver the look or efficiency you expect if they are not installed correctly. At Cornerstone Home Improvements, our window installers are manufacturer trained and certified. To avoid problems in the future, use a single manufacturer for the purchase and installation of your windows.

All our window installation technicians are certified by state and federal bodies. When you contact us for window replacement in Olathe, Kansas, we will provide you with specific details of your project including the number of windows we will install, brand, size, and type as well as labor and material costs.

What Features Should I Look for in Replacement Windows?

First of all, consider the window cladding. Windows may be clad in wood, aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass to protect them from the elements. Find out if the cladding is already painted and stained during the purchase or if you will have to do these on your own.

Calculate the cost of the new windows. Replacement windows in Olathe, Kansas, have different costs depending on their size, quality, brand, and the number of windows required. Inspect your current window frames for damages from insects and moisture. If the window frames are still solid, you can save money by simply replacing the glass.

What are my Window Frame Options?

Common window frames include wood and vinyl. The latter are cheaper compared to wooden frames, durable and easy to maintain. On the other hand, wooden window frames are more expensive and require regular maintenance. However, they provide excellent insulation. They are long lasting and have an elevated aesthetic. The cost of your window replacement will be partly determined by the type of window frames you prefer.

Although the overall cost of window replacement may seem high, you should look at it as an investment. Window replacements can increase the value of your property and prevent your home from feeling cold and drafty. At Cornerstone Home Improvements, we have many options for window replacement, including double hung windows, tilt out windows, and high-performance glass windows. We maintain good relations with window manufacturers and can help you get great discounts and special pricing on your window replacement. Call us today for a free estimate.

Replacement windows Olathe Kansas
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Replacement windows Olathe Kansas
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