Naples Construction Company

Naples Construction Company

Naples is a piece of paradise and a terrific place to build a home. Don’t leave your dream home to a novice construction company; let ProCon General Contractors take on the job. We are a top-ranked Naples Construction Company. Contact us today to get started.

What is a general contractor?

A general contractor is a person who runs a construction project from start to finish. This person procures all materials used for the job, oversees the workers on the job, and reports back to the individual who hired the company for the job. General contractors also hire the subcontractors used for the job.

Full builds or large scale remodels benefit from the hire of a general contractor. Even though a general contractor hires outside employees for a great deal of the work, they still play an invaluable role in the project. The homeowner can relax when using the services of a general contractor. The contractor is responsible for any subcontractors used on the project and for securing any materials needed. It takes that burden off the homeowner and allows a professional to handle the process.

General contractor services

A general contractor may specialize in either residential or commercial projects. Some choose to work on both styles of projects. It is a personal preference. Before becoming a general contractor, an individual may have experience in one specific field or just feel more comfortable working in a specialty. Others are comfortable in both. Our Naples construction company handles both residential and commercial projects.

A general contractor can offer an assortment of services to their clients. As stated earlier, they hire all the subcontractors used for any construction job and oversee their work. They also order all materials used for the build. Some general contractor firms employ designers since they are crucial for construction projects. Issues often arise in unexpected construction projects. The need for changes to the original plans can occur, and a contractor with a designer on staff can easily make any needed adjustments.

General contractor career path

It is not rare for a general contractor to begin in construction and work their way up. While learning construction skills, these individuals learn the ins and outs of the business and also what certifications they need to meet state licensing requirements. They also get to build their network and meet subcontractors.

Not all states require general contractors to have degrees in higher education. However, most do require general contractors to meet bonding and financing requirements. States want contractors to show they possess the financial capital to run their business.

Job growth for general contractors

As populations continue to boom, so do construction projects. The predicted growth in the field of general contracting is 11% by 2026. This is higher than in other fields surveyed. Housing booms power the growth in this field, as do current homeowners completing large-scale renovations to existing properties.

Don’t wait any longer to get started on your dream home in Naples. Call ProCon General Contractors today and meet with the best Naples construction company.

Naples Construction Company
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